Flags and Emoticons pixelized.

firaz / 1 decade ago (28 April 2006 02:30)

Some flags and emoticons look pixelized. I think it is a good idea to replace them with smoother versions.


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1 decade ago (29.04.2006 07:34)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Interesting. Btw I should thank Nikos=adni for drawing so many custom smileys just for us. That still goes on bit by bit and is something personal quite vital considering we managed without image insertion til now - amazing.

As you may know, everyone can make their own PERSONAL emoticon in maximum height 12. But that only is part of things of course (edit profile, personal emotion hehe they forgot a c but it means emoticon).

Considering how hard the designers were working lately on all the SkinTech sites I am not getting on their nerves right now. But personally I would be willing to pay with a credit system like at image shack for using my own illustrations in threads and signatures. However, now we are still a free site. Maybe that´s what helps making it attractive.

If we go paysite anyway 1 day because of more traffic, what do I know? - then of course more could seem possible. And some of what you mentioned might be built in to new page looks bit by bit on the site no matter what, so thanks for the input.

What do our members think?
1 decade ago (30.04.2006 04:09)
Reply by: MountainHawk
I would like to know what resolution Firaz is working at on his/her computer and precisely which flags and emoticons are being spoken about. It is very vague to say the least. From what I see at 1280x1024 the site looks very professional and blemish free. Pixelation can occur if cleartype is used on a crt display. Crt displays should be set at standard font smoothing. Congratulation
1 decade ago (30.04.2006 10:56)
Reply by: firaz

At home, the resolution I use is 1024x768(LCD); at work, it is 1280x1024(LCD).

Most of the emoticons, like the first smiley, and except the taxi, look pixelized at the edges.

Many little symbols appearing on some country flags look pixelized, it is because they were resized using no or very light interpolation. In the user profile section, it is OK, but in the comments section, that´s where the effect takes place, and that is because of the size of the image specified in the HTML code (...height="20" width="39">) which does not correspond to the real image size, IE and Firefox (on Win) do not use advanced interpolation algorithms, and display pixelized images. I think the first thing to do is to remove flag image size specification in the comments section html code, and then provide a resized version of the flag images.

Hope it is more clear now Happy !
1 decade ago (02.05.2006 05:39)
Reply by: MountainHawk
IE and Firefox and K-Meleon are the three browsers I use and I see none of what you describe at all. Are you sure you are not on a CRT with cleartype engaged?