Alwact Clock Section Request

firaz / 1 decade ago (27 April 2006 06:17)

Alwact Clock is an analog desktop clock featuring skins, transparency and zoom. Currently version 1.1.

Could a section be added for it?


Thanks !

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1 decade ago (27.04.2006 08:35)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
First of all, thanks for news post on front page. Had a fast google glimpse this morning. Glad u added link there in the news, too. Tell us a bit more - looks as if its free right? Some starter download packs and screenshots on their site. Under our productivity sector if for example there is at least ALSO a free version or if you think we could get SKINS here, too, without copyright problems a bit more in the future we could think about it, couldn´t we? (In between some other site construction work, they are doing a new movie site but thats another thing).

If this is shareware, how long is test period, and what does it cost approximately in which version? Excuse the questions but thanks for the contribution lol
1 decade ago (28.04.2006 10:39)
Reply by: firaz

It is freeware. No limitations.

Could you please tell me more about the copyright problems you are thinking of?


1 decade ago (29.04.2006 07:23)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Congratulation Great news, hey the avatar sure is right on time hehe :p So it´s free, like I thought & hoped. GREAT Just checking.

I put this suggestion on an internal reminder list for being checked next week so we don´t forget.

The copyright was not meant to be a problem. What I was saying boils down to this: A section makes sense of course if something is uploaded to it. Either you or maybe the ones who made the skins if they are willing would upload to the new section, assuming we have it one day soon.

That only works if the makers themselves share it here or the uploader can zip in the permission for uploading it here. Otherwise - no skins - no section. Hope its not tragic. Like I said, its added to a suggestion list along with A.M.F.X.´s sport section idea. Thanks Happy

Meanwhile I got good news through a PM - looks like the skins are ready for us from the kindhearted maker himself. Thanks. Hang on a bit - this is good.