My Free Selection Sofware

Xav73 / 1 decade ago (19 April 2006 07:03)

ok !!! I share with you my free sofware i use or i use in the next time !!!

Photophiltre :program for draw,photos ect ... very stable and started in 2 second
I use in collaborate with Gimp
iconshop 120 alpha for look,extract,export,modify,create ... icon in .icl (library)
Snico Edit for create icon and cursor
IconArt also for icon and cursor
AniTuner for create cursor in cur or ani
IconTweaker for change in one click all icon in your computeur
Anim8or for create 3D ,the best for started with 3D
FontMagic for create 3D texte with texture in one click
all freeware by Serif (very nice)
Infranview for all operation in your image,slideshow generator,gallery Html,screensaver creator,and many other
MWSnap for make screenshot with great features
Wings 3D one other 3D editor
Webthumb 2005 for generate html gallery in one click
CDBurnerXP Pro for burn CDDVD
BSPlayer ,for me one of the best player skinnable
Magic Mail Monitor for look your email and remove in the servor spam or viruse
Jisp Editor for create emoticone,19?lang=en
Toolbar Paint for create toolbaricon
CDex for rippe CD
Crasy Browser similar has IE but very best and if you use IE try this
or AvantBrowser
CCleaner for cleane your computeur
PaquetBuilder for Self-Extracting file archive maker
RAM Idle LE for optimize your RAM (for me that is one of the best I use for best result)
CLIPTRAY your clipboard in very best
StarDownloader free for download accelerator fonction with all browser IE,mozilla ...
Freecommander for replace your explorer (very nice)
or Gyula’s Navigator
SaverWiz for make screensaver
AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic the best antivirus in free (that my opinion)
Eraser for erase your Data because in fact your data are never erased
Kerio Personal Firewall one of the best firewall in free
MRU-Blaster (look that)
PDF4Free for create pdf
or PDFCreator
Wood Workshop for create great texture in wood
Paurex for create all texture
AviTricks Video Editor Classic
MediaPortal is mediacenter in free
AirSnare for detect wiffi intrusion
WiFi Manager Free Edition allows you manage 3 access points and 10 wired devices in your network

hope you like it !!!

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1 decade ago (20.04.2006 03:19)
Reply by:
Brilliant! What a great way to share this! Thank you so much :o
1 decade ago (20.04.2006 04:13)
Reply by: Yrgal
:o Nice list of good free programs! Happy
1 decade ago (20.04.2006 11:30)
Reply by: AM.FX
great Links FOr Free Software thanks For share Congratulation
1 decade ago (20.04.2006 11:31)
Reply by:
Thanks Xav. The most relevant free soft I use,- only the relevant - is Gimp,FSIV,PhotoFiltre,Opera web browser (Deepnet as an IE replacement as some pages are only well rendered with the IE engine ) and Foxmail ( installed in my pen ) as it is the best mail software I know. I also use Postcast Server, as an email server on my machine.No need of ISP´s to send mail. Avast! is my anti-virus free software for years with EXCELLENT PROTECTION against anything. For spyware related, spybot and ad-aware lead the pack.A w a r d Happy
1 decade ago (20.04.2006 03:17)
Reply by: mickeblue
Well Kerio costs $19.95... Zone Alarm is free for personal use. Nice list though lol
1 decade ago (20.04.2006 04:05)
Reply by: Xav73
no !!! in fact Kerio work 30 days with the commercial version and then it is the free version which functions !!!

yes !!! zone alarm is good also but kerio are more options and is more stable !!!( based on my experiment )
I like zone alarm and use it but after crash and crash again and again I remove it because i try to repair but ... never !!!
after I use kerio and WOW !!! it´s magic and my ram is more effective !!!
but now I use a commercial Material firewall with the one other firewall !!! (2 firewall in fact material and sofware)
Yes ! Avast is good but antivir is the winner for 2005 !!! (the engine of scan is a little slow but it is effective)
I don´t include adware or other sofware because I have write only the software that I think that all the people do not know or which is essential !!!I have to try to summarize but it is on I have forget some one !!! If you are a good link ???
1 decade ago (20.04.2006 04:31)
Reply by: Xav73
for 3D try also Art of Illusion [LINK]
For design your house try DesignWorkshop Lite [LINK] for drawn if you have a pallet or no try ArtRage free [LINK] for drawn again Artweaver [LINK] for free recording your desktop look CamStudio [LINK] for photos EasyPhotoTools [LINK] and Easy Photo Transfert but only in french i think [LINK] and Easy Thumbnails [LINK] and Free Digital Camera Enhancer
and for photos panorama try Panorama Tools GUI [LINK] for webdesigner ColorPic [LINK] and WYSIWYG Web Builder 2.8 (the free version) [LINK] ,I come back again with other good link !!!
1 decade ago (20.04.2006 04:42)
Reply by:
Firewall: Sygate for me, simple, truly effective. Used Kerio version 2.0 - how good it was - but then not available anymore and I do not like version 4. Happy
1 decade ago (27.04.2006 08:39)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Congratulation Dear Xav73, MERCI once more. This is the most well detailed uptodate link-loaded info in a single post Ive seen. WOW Many thanks. The few ones I knew already were great for me, too. Happy Happy And its INGENIOUS that there is so much new stuff for me in here. Hot for bookmarking and using, this post A w a r d
1 decade ago (28.04.2006 06:20)
Reply by: Xav73
I come with new link again in free:
for archive files like zip,rar,cab try:ZipCentral [LINK] , ZipGenius [LINK] , 7-Zip [LINK] , TugZip (very great if you need one of the best try this) [LINK] _:
for Download Manager Free Download Manager [LINK] , LeechGet 2005 [LINK] , stardownloader (for me the best in free) [LINK] _:
for FTP SmartFTP [LINK] , Filezilla [LINK] _:
for pdf Foxit Reader (You can view and print PDF documents with it) [LINK] _:
for write [LINK] , AbiWord [LINK] , CryptoExpert 2006 Lite [LINK] , EditPad Lite [LINK] , Free Font Renamer [LINK] , HelpNDoc (for create help file) [LINK] , KeyNote [LINK] , Notepad2 [LINK] , Notepad ++ [LINK] , TextPad [LINK] , TreePad Lite [LINK] _:
for drawn,photo,view ... Google Picasa [LINK] , [LINK] , dotPhoto Viewer [LINK] , Auto-create photo vcd / svcd ´s [LINK] , CopyRightLeft [LINK] , Easy Thumbnails [LINK] , AlbumDIY [LINK] , iBrowser [LINK] , Album Generator and Viewer [LINK] , Image Enhance [LINK] , JAlbum [LINK] , JPEGCrops [LINK] , MyAlbum (one of my fav´s i use) [LINK] , Opanda PhotoFilter [LINK] , Photo Print Calendar [LINK] , Picture-shark [LINK] , PictureViewer EXE [LINK] , Regards [LINK] , Snapfish Photos Wizard [LINK] , Diaporama (for french only i think one of my best again) [LINK] HOPE YOU LIKE IT !!!

1 decade ago (06.05.2006 02:35)
Reply by: vikram
Don´t know if this has been mentioned before BootSkin Buddy [LINK] which is excellent for creating your own Bootskins.