Is there any advertising banner for skinbase ?

AM.FX / 1 decade ago (16 April 2006 10:52)

Skinbase give me all things that i want , i can share my wp , i can use million of
skins ,photos , ... and i found new friends from another countries and i can chat
with them and i can tell my idea in comments and see the idea about my works
and i can be better

so I think must do some things for skinbase too ! cause say thanks not enough for me
and i know many user have a same feel like me

much of us have personal website so if skinbase give us some banner we can put them on
our site.

i know that skinbase is famous now and really don't need this but it make us happy.
:heart :heart :heart :heart :heart :heart :heart :heart :heart :heart :heart

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1 decade ago (17.04.2006 12:25)
Reply by: Snowman
Feel free to use any of the buttons on this page: [LINK]

And thank you Happy