Can´t Download iMacG5 Skin

GhettoChild2006 / 1 decade ago (09 March 2006 08:36)

The download-button is linked to an image:

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1 decade ago (10.03.2006 10:22)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Grin Correct. Right Click over image and save it to the folder inside Object Dock (images). Its meant to be one of the new icons in the new format which is bigger and png instead of .ico . Then when making a shortcut inside of 1 of your tabs (new entry) in rightclick context menu select Entry properties, then go change image, inside the box that appears then you can scroll til u find it, and then after setting that as a symbol save it to a new theme name and load that theme. Wink
1 decade ago (12.03.2006 03:26)
Reply by: Gregor
will check this now