Chickie / 1 decade ago (11 January 2006 11:31)

Hi! I looked through the latest skins. Found the Icy 1.2 For BSPlayer. Here's the link to compare this Icy BSPlayer.

Looks like Skins Factory WMP skin.

I hope this makes sense. OhWell

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1 decade ago (12.01.2006 12:22)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Thanks to chickie for this, no matter whether pm, if u not sure, or this, correctly channeled in the messageboard section for that, like you did, appreciated. And thanks to kchristine for having a first look at the link which was helpful, the link and Sallys communication to me. I looked too, and players I dont all know but do use several of myself. Many are similar looking including the skins often.

In this case when we look close we find different functions and colors. In example, when you compare buttons on each left bottom corner, the left of the 2 skins shows a symbol and thus function for muting the loudspeaker.

The right one has a magnifying glass in that place which might be for zooming. Personally I use player like N23, media player, and DJ party mixer for sounds, quicktime, PowerDVD and win media player for films. - No rip for me, but thanks for your efforts + alertness

1 decade ago (12.01.2006 12:50)
Reply by: Chickie
I use winamp mostly. Glad I could help. Happy Thank you to see the messageboard.

1 decade ago (12.01.2006 01:09)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Pleasure. And happy new year, thats another Cool thing, your being up to date on that Wink
1 decade ago (12.01.2006 01:24)
Reply by: Scarebear
The original skin is for Nero Showtime. The BSPlayer skin has used its images.
1 decade ago (12.01.2006 06:15)
Reply by: Chickie
He uploaded again. Amazed

Happy New Year, Taxi & Beary. Booming love Happy
1 decade ago (12.01.2006 06:18)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Thanks Scarebear, chickie. Ill check again to make sure the right thing is meant and happening..
1 decade ago (12.01.2006 06:21)
Reply by: Chickie
This person probably never give up uploading. what you say?
1 decade ago (12.01.2006 08:07)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
fixed, thanks Serge, Chickie and all
1 decade ago (12.01.2006 11:21)
Reply by: Srg01
Dear Chickie,
It was obviously a rip and it has been removed. Thanks very much for warning us about it Wink