Take back the web has wrong category

Belt / 1 decade ago (11 December 2005 07:27)

Hi. I have done a mistake when I uploaded my skin "Take back the web". This is Aston skin. Can anyone fix it?

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1 decade ago (11.12.2005 07:54)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Im sure Adni, Alfa30, or the other admins who have the codes will do that fast, don´t worry, Thanks for info :car Update Monday morning, IOW the next day - it seems fixed now. Cool submission, by the way, as it looks to me, so thank you (and it´s popular already)
1 decade ago (12.12.2005 09:49)
Reply by: Snowman
You can fix/manage any of your own uploads right here: [LINK]