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moshi / 1 decade ago (30 November 2005 06:19)

three rips in a row at the hvd section. Sad

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1 decade ago (30.11.2005 08:39)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Thanks for putting this in the right topic section. That means Hover Desk Section I would think, looking there I found it might help to add 3 links. Then the art director or admins in charge of featuring and the uploads server controlling, not featuring, to put it better can see where to check up fast if it is as bad as it sounds. No control over or experience with that section myself now but in some sections I can see what some reports mean, when, for, instance in the logons or wall section if you also say what Original it seems to abuse without permits or crediting with a link to that. Then if I were sure and no one responded to this within a few days I would relay a short additional pm to someone I know could fix it, or include it in on of our short conferences we are having these days anyway on other Messenger systems.

Appreciated. As you know, we are on a moderation after submission policy but if it gets out of the guidelines it is subject to the possibility of immediate removal. LIABLE for violations is the artist submitting, as to SkinBase orgs liability, see guideluines please or what they are called, anyone in doubt
1 decade ago (01.12.2005 06:13)
Reply by: moshi
it´s the last three uploads. the uploader (i refuse to call those people skinners) states in each comment that he has no permissions "but as the stuff is all over the web it´s ok"
1 decade ago (01.12.2005 09:02)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Ill look, thanks, and send someone a message towards the end of this weekend if no other admin responds here until then.
1 decade ago (01.12.2005 09:10)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
OK. I have checked. Bit surprised, had had a rather good 1st impression of that authors ID, either some folks are still a bit new to how things should work or whatever.

You seem to have a point in my eyes, and it´s been reported to an admin with higher access levels than me and the other new admins because I am a new trainee who is not in charge but relays messages especially when other admins are not around or busy. We agreed on internal message channels to get it checked as soon as possible which is likely to be after the weekend and in the meantime, thanks, hold on and have a good weekend.

Update Sunday Night/Monday Morning german systime: Author mailed this - I feel sorry for him. Maybe moshi tried to save Alfa from future problems by winding up in a mess because of saying nice skin which was true, and then a report could come in the future also. I am relieved of my promise to have it checked so it did not stand around longer that a week but am not in charge. Had hoped slight descrip alterations less provocative that wouldnt contradict his other descrips could have saved 1 or 2 things, it was reported publicly though, future tip for other sites, private report, cant recommend that here publicly, here his mail and he shouldnt leave just change working style in that section if I was asked, btw. I did not remove those myself, here his mail which I believe and appreciate:

(Quote) Let me begin by saying I am truly sorry if someone has been offended by any submission I have made to skinbase. If I am not mistaken, I have indicated in all my submissions that the work presented IS NOT MINE but merely manipulations of someone else´s creations. I have ALWAYS tried to give credit where credit is due. In all cases, I have vigilantly made every effort at my disposal to contact artists/skinners to receive their permission to use their work. It has never been my intent to present anything that has not been created by me as my own work. If this is considered a rip, then I have TOTALLY misunderstood the definition of that term. As ignorance is not an excuse, I humbly offer my deepest and sincerest apologies to any who feel I have overstepped my bounds or broken any rules promulgated by the staff of skinbase. The only reason I have made any uploads to skinbase is to share with fellow gui lovers the sometimes pleasing results of taking a skin for a different app and applying it to one you personally use. Any success I have attained has been in all cases the sole result of someone else´s creativity, NOT MINE! This point has been repeated by me more than once in descriptions and replies to comments. ----- Anyway, because of my misunderstanding and the apparent ill will I have generated, I will be making no more submissions to This is nobody´s fault but my own and I take full responsibility. I wish everyone at skinbase the best of luck with the site and hope you all keep up the fine work. ghman 12/03/2005 (unquote)

1 decade ago (04.12.2005 04:35)
Reply by: grimspoon
Uhm...thanks Moshi, from what I can acertain, and I am not sure about the rest of his submissions yet, but... I will just discuss one:
The Borg port theme. I can see that he had made ´all resonable efforts´ to make the submission legal, but MorpheusX has not been seen since 1900´s. Does that mean we can ´never´ except work based on his stuff? I have to consult the rest of the admins on this one, but we already have a ´severe´ copyright problem with our Celeb wallpapers and nothing is being done about it.
1 decade ago (04.12.2005 08:26)
Reply by: Scarebear
The skinner in question contacted me in regards to permission for one skin based on an older skin of mine. So I think that he does try to get permission from the original skin creator/s. But in my opinion, if you can´t get permission, for any reason - such as not being able to locate the original author, then you don´t have the right to upload anything based on their work.
1 decade ago (05.12.2005 02:09)
Reply by: grimspoon
Thanks Jason Happy

I´m still trying to get in touch with Snowman... he normaly handles these situations rather well! ==~