Explorer.exe still running while LiteStep as Shell

Another_User / 1 decade ago (11 May 2005 07:59)

Hi, i have LiteStep as my shell and without having anything openned (programs and windows) i have Explorer.exe running, it uses 37.912 k of my memory..

Is this normal???


p.s. i do have some apps active in the systemtray (keyboard. mouse app drivers etc.)

Extra info;


Windows XP sp2 Pro

Intel p4 2.53

1 gig mem

(don´t think more system info is needed?)

Currently loaded Litestep modules;
















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1 decade ago (12.05.2005 06:23)
Reply by: Another_User
I noticed that it´s (explorer.exe) not active when i boot my computer.
It´s Explorer.exe as in "Windows Explorer" but after i close Windows Explorer
"Explorer.exe" stays active...... ??

if someone knows how i can fix this please tell,
1 decade ago (13.05.2005 07:46)
Reply by: PK
what happends if you kill explorer.exe and reload it?
1 decade ago (13.05.2005 03:37)
Reply by: Another_User
Thanks for the reply PK,

When i kill explorer nothing happens (it disapears from the list).
Then if i start a new explorer.exe it will start "windows explorer"...

Then if i close (the normal way) windows explorer it´s gone from the list.
If i start windows explorer, from the link in popup2, and then close it the normal way for several times (no exact number) explorer.exe will stay in the list
with a use of +/- 8.xxx k memory..

When i then start and close windows explorer more times, (spreaded over some time)
the memory will come to the 37.xxx mem usage....

It just seems that even though windows explorer gets closed through the normal command,Windows XP forgets to close the process... and starts eating my memory... OhWell

b.t.w. does anyone knows a good alternative for windows explorer??


1 decade ago (17.05.2005 06:25)
Reply by: PK
Sorry for the late reply, got a bit busy... I havent got a clue on what causes this. You didnt install the win2000 explorer did you?

As for the alternative: I dont think there is any good alternative for windows explorer on XP
1 decade ago (17.05.2005 11:55)
Reply by: Another_User
Better a late reply then no reply....

I haven´t installed the win2000 explorer...

Thanks for helping me...
1 decade ago (19.08.2005 12:00)
Reply by: grimspoon
Hey I´m back! }:|

When installing LS on Win2K/XP platforms, read this:

1 decade ago (19.08.2005 05:50)
Reply by: Snowman
Better late than never.. Wink

Heya Jerry Grin :]
1 decade ago (22.08.2005 12:19)
Reply by: grimspoon
Hey Snow, keep missing people. Beer Beer Beer cheers matey!