Verve wallpaper manager software

nikuki / 1 decade ago (20 September 2004 05:28)

Does anyone remember Verve (old 545 app)

This was a program for changing your wallpaper.

I´ve been looking around for a copy but I can´t seem to come up with one...

If somone knows where to get one, or has a copy...please reply


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1 decade ago (20.09.2004 06:54)
Reply by: Snowman
check ya mail, Nicki
1 decade ago (21.09.2004 09:11)
Reply by: PK
me too me too!
1 decade ago (21.09.2004 11:38)
Reply by: Snowman
why the heck didnt you just ask on IRC.... sheesh....

Mail´s on the way
1 decade ago (22.09.2004 05:12)
Reply by: PK
hehe, figured this was also possible Happy
1 decade ago (26.10.2004 12:32)
Reply by: Cybergreek

could you please send me also "verve".
I tried to find this tool in google, but I can´t find any working download-link.

1 decade ago (26.10.2004 03:10)
Reply by: PK
If you come on IRC (server: and channel #skinbase) someone (Snowman, Nikuki or myself) will be more then happy to DCC it to you :-)
1 decade ago (26.08.2006 12:14)
Reply by: kurtis01
Man, I´ve literally spent hours searching for this Verve program!

It´s a nice one, with some features I haven´t seen in other wallpaper progs - especially the ability to set the icon visibility, text color and background transparency, position and size etc - individually for each wallpaper.

Someone was kind enough to send me v1.0, but it´s missing some of the features I was looking forward to which were added in later versions - such as the ability to clear the wallpaper (have no wallpaper!), having the prog close after changing on startup, more changing options (v1.0 only allows you to change on startup), and many more improvements.

I was quite impressed with the look and style of this program as well . . .

Since this thread is two years old, I wasn´t sure if anything that was said still applies, so I thought it would be best to ask anew. Can someone help me find this? I´d really like to find v2.5 if possible (which was the latest version), but 2.1 would be good too.

Thank you to anyone who can help. Happy

In my searching, I was able to find a few other long-lost 545 Studios apps - such as GreyBook, Pickup Window, Tyme and Vista. If someone has a need for any of those, just let me know - I have links for those! Happy
1 decade ago (26.08.2006 04:48)
Reply by: MountainHawk
Members at can apparently download it. I gave up trying to get a copy years ago.
1 decade ago (26.08.2006 05:04)
Reply by: mickeblue
Verve, the software that became a band Wink
1 decade ago (26.08.2006 10:11)
Reply by: MountainHawk
Singing wallpaper! lol lol lol lol lol lol
1 decade ago (17.08.2007 11:51)
Reply by: Captain America
After I run, I like to drink water. With my nose.
1 decade ago (18.08.2007 02:46)
Reply by: Captain America
1 decade ago (18.08.2007 09:52)
Reply by: Captain America
Sleepy Coffee Sleepy :o