5 Stars?

fatmike / 1 decade ago (14 August 2004 05:44)

I really like RateIt!, but I need a 5 star rating.

I´m looking at the code but I can´t seem to figure out how to do it myself. Could some tell me?


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1 decade ago (16.08.2004 03:27)
Reply by: nikuki
if you want a php code, go to hotscripts.com else google it, my friend.
1 decade ago (16.08.2004 03:56)
Reply by: Gregor
script is right now made from scale 1 to 10. Simplest solution is that you divide results.
1 decade ago (16.08.2004 03:57)
Reply by: Gregor
$new_result = $current_result/2;
1 decade ago (19.08.2004 05:28)
Reply by: fatmike
K, I´ll give it a try.

1 decade ago (19.08.2004 08:08)
Reply by: wary109
1 decade ago (01.01.2005 08:37)
Reply by: onuzu
Hey! I didn´t know the news has rating, please where can I find that?
1 decade ago (02.01.2005 04:11)
Reply by: Peter_Vazed

1 decade ago (03.01.2005 03:08)
Reply by: onuzu
Thanks Peter
1 decade ago (30.12.2005 10:40)
Reply by: ZzWickedzZ
I fine with having the 6 stars I just need to know how to make the box apprear on my website. I have the db all set up and good to go... I know that the rate php file has to be in the place where I want to put the box.. But. The installation instructions say that the index file will tell you how to do this but my index file only shows a demo of the box... Help me out!!


1 decade ago (31.12.2005 02:42)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
If you are the jason I think you might be, I sent you an interview to a skinbase pm box btw.
1 decade ago (31.12.2005 10:07)
Reply by: Snowman
Taxi, if you´re think of Jason Brown (Scarebear), then this aint the guy Wink
1 decade ago (31.12.2005 11:11)
Reply by: Scarebear
Nope - not me :sb

PM replied to though...
1 decade ago (01.01.2006 03:09)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Hey thanks scarebear, that was good, and thanks Snowman, wow, it helped after all a different way, Thanks for great interview answers. Grin: lol
1 decade ago (15.08.2010 09:22)
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