Litestep modules

Alexandrie / 1 decade ago (16 November 2001 04:40)

Someone know where I can find lots of modules for Litestep with a brief descriptions of what it can do?

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1 decade ago (16.11.2001 06:57)
Reply by: Scarebear
I get all of my information from LS2k (we have a link to them in our partners section).

They have the modules broken into sections depending on what they do. The news often gives info on updates to modules too. Handy site.

But to save people from scrolling...

1 decade ago (16.11.2001 07:15)
Reply by: grimspoon
and if you are looking for a particular version of most modules.. go here
1 decade ago (17.11.2001 05:05)
Reply by: Alexandrie
thanks grim and scarebear
1 decade ago (27.11.2001 11:37)
Reply by: moshi
LS2K is down now. you can find probably all modules ever made at [LINK] (but there are no descriptions)