litestep prob

ORION / 1 decade ago (10 November 2003 01:40)

Ive tried this but cant seem to get it to work right. Is this also for xp?

The default skin works fine. Thats about it. All others either dont have all the components or dont work to the point where I cant get the desktop back.

Any help would be appreciated.

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1 decade ago (10.11.2003 06:24)
Reply by: Snowman
LS works with all versions of Windows.

The main ´problem´ with the themes is that most of them are made for/in a specific build of LiteStep - meaning that those that dont use the same build cant use those themes. Rather silly IMO!
(one of the main reasons that I myself dont use LS - and because its EVILLLL Wink )
1 decade ago (10.11.2003 09:46)
Reply by: imtoomuch
The problem is that the new LiteStep installer is using the theme standard called OTS2. Most of the themes available for download are OTS1 since OTS2 is so new. Make sure the theme is OTS2 compatible.

And don´t listen to silly Snowman - LiteStep rocks! Wink
1 decade ago (10.11.2003 11:14)
Reply by: Snowman
oh shoosh you silly LS user ;P
1 decade ago (11.11.2003 11:47)
Reply by: moshi
Tim is right. it has nothing to do with the build, but with the distribution. best idea is to make your main location for downloading LS themes. the OTS2 format is pretty new. OTS1 compliant themes should work as well. with older themes you will have problems. if a theme is OTS compliant that is usually stated in the description.
1 decade ago (11.11.2003 04:24)
Reply by: ORION
I figured as far as litestep goes, this was probably the problem. The main site has little to choose from so maybe ill just wait on it.
1 decade ago (11.11.2003 04:26)
Reply by: ORION
oh yeah
I try to ignore everything Snowman says LOL Running j/k
1 decade ago (11.11.2003 06:23)
Reply by: Snowman everyone else does :/
1 decade ago (11.11.2003 07:45)
Reply by: craeonics
And with good reason.
1 decade ago (13.11.2003 08:29)
Reply by: nikuki
hmmm... i can´t seem to get rainlendar to work with the new version of litestep....

i just downloaded the newest litestep installer and can´t get rainlender to show on my screen =(

1 decade ago (14.11.2003 02:34)
Reply by: craeonics
Hmm, is it giving you any errors then?
1 decade ago (15.11.2003 05:49)
Reply by: nikuki
no.... i just can see it or tell if it is running o.O
1 decade ago (15.11.2003 06:02)
Reply by: CutTheRedWire
LiteStep problems should be mentioned here: [LINK]

Orion: What theme is it? Send me a link.

Nikuki: The defualt skin has rainlender built in. That might be the problem. Try commenting it out.
1 decade ago (17.11.2003 03:16)
Reply by: nikuki
hmmm i think i´ll upgrade and see if i still have problems!
1 decade ago (17.11.2003 06:32)
Reply by: ORION
ill try one more time and ill let you know CutTheRedWire
1 decade ago (17.11.2003 11:00)
Reply by: CutTheRedWire
Gof ro it. 8) See what happens. We´ll get it working. Sometimes it just takes som tweaking. ^.~
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