Sonique AutoDSP

Sonique AutoDSP

By jacoby
Sonique has 4 functions built into it that you usually want the same everytime you hear a song:
EQ settings

This remote adds the functionality of sonique being able to rembember these settings for every song individually.

Each setting has a seperate area in the remote, which have 3 buttons each.
The first button saves that setting to work for that specific file
The second button saves a 'default' setting. This tells sonique what to do when there is no setting specified.
The third button Deletes the song specific setting.

Default settings are only remembered while the remote is open. The initial default setting will be whatever it was when the remote is open (so if volume is at 50% it will use that as default)Song specific settings are saved to the settings and remembered until they are deleted.

The EQ will additionally read the Genre setting, and from a bank of about 40 known genres, set the EQ apropriately.

clicking the logo will toggle it on/off
same for the words autoDSP: (enabled/disabled)

all functions are globally key scripted (you dont need the dsp visible to save settings)

ctrl-tab -- save song eq
shift-tab -- save default eq
ctrl-shift-tab -- delete song eq

ctrl-shift-d -- disable/enable

ctrl-numpad2 -- save song amp
shift-down -- set default Amp
ctrl-shift-down -- delete saved amp
(for some reason shift-numpad2 is read as down, but still wont work right anyway...)

ctrl-z -- save song vol
shift-z -- set default Volume
ctrl-shift-z -- delete saved volume

ctrl-numpad1 -- save song pitch
shift-numpad1 -- set default Pitch (you can also use 'end')
ctrl-shift-numpad1 -- delete saved pitch (can use ctrl-end)

matt8066 has provided me with these great replacement graphics. thanks matt.
uncast_shadow version comming soon!


1 decade ago
Comment by: peanut779
That is some description! LOL

Very neat looking skin... Happy
1 decade ago
Comment by: jacoby
is it possible to fomat it somehow? I had it all nicely arranged so it was readable, but it doesnt show up that way.
1 decade ago
Comment by: Travelian
text formatting doesn´t work on skinbase...hell you can´t even have quotes in a description without getting a php error. On a lighter note glad you uploaded it here...your remote rox!

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