Netberg‘s Titanium 2 Marine

Netberg‘s Titanium 2 Marine

By netberg
A completely new model, which concept is based on lately introduced Neo model and which introduces a new era of fun with PC. Netberg's Titanium 2 Marine enables you to play your favourite movies where you least expect it - below the water surface!* It doesn't matter whether you are on a beach in South Australia, hunt carps in scottish pond or your home town is under a hundread-year floods, Titanium 2 Marine works just fine. Its high-durabille body made of titanium alloy will take even the most abusive handling - it will survive a fall from 4 metres on harsh ground, thanks to specially constructed sealing it will be water-resistant under 100 metres whether you use Titanium 2 Marine in salty or sweet water.
Thanks to newly-developed temperature resistant materials the gadget can be used in temperature range --25/+55° C, which is more than satisfactory for most latitudes.* Mineral glass covering gadget's display is abrasion hard, plus it's protected by anti-reflex coating and UV filter, so the display panel is perfectly protected from the negative influence of sun radiation, which guarantees its long-time usability without loss of contrast.*
* ask your supplier or directly the producer about the technical limits of your computer. Not every computer is designed to work for under-water work - please, keep this on mind. Keep the producers' operating instruction. :-)

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1 decade ago
Comment by: peanut779
LOL @ Description!.... excellent looking skin. Happy
1 decade ago
Comment by: moshi
lol , the skin as a great as the description Happy
1 decade ago
Comment by: chichigirl46
LOL cool description, and nice looking skin :-)

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