The Invasion

The Invasion

By ashu_modi
Two hundred years into the future. The earth has been stripped of all its resources by the human race. It then starts looking for other habitable planets by sending out expeditions. A suitable planet is found in a galaxy some 12 light years away. But it is occupied by a primitive race. Humans then make a decision. The kind that they have always made, 'Eradicate the weak'.
But unknown to them, another race exists in the same galaxy, a race that is ages ahead of humans. they decide that they don't want trouble in their neighbourhood. So they decide to end the human menace once and for all, in the only way that humans understand, total annhilation...
They sand their warcraft to the Luna, the Earth's moon to attack the planet. This is where the scene depicted in the wallpaper takes place.
The preview is in size 640x480. The zip contains WP in 3 sizes, 1280x1024, 1024x768 and 800x600.
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2 decades ago
Comment by: BruB
I´ll tell the truth on htis piece. I did not read all the text Happy

The chrome is beautifully rendered, love the mesh effect on the front of it. Should loose the text thought. Great job. I downloaded it and used it right away. I like it.
2 decades ago
Comment by: sed
I have always been commented on WHY? did ya add text? Never had an answer...... Chrome is super!

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