H2so4 Full Preview

H2so4 Full Preview

By chadamus
"H2so4" skin suite is finally here!

Here is a shot of the happy skins getting along nicely.

Part of the "H2so4" skin suite.

See the skins in action here:

Check out the rest below. Enjoy!

-- Windowblinds 3.4: [LINK]

-- Icon Packager: [LINK]

-- Winamp 2.x: [LINK]

-- Sysmetrix: [LINK]

-- Sysmetrix "Handheld" version: [LINK]

-- Colorpad: [LINK]

-- ICQ: [LINK]

-- XXCalc: [LINK]

-- Wallpaper: [LINK]

-- Winstep (When it's out of beta):


-- Main Theme: [LINK]

-- DX Icons Apps Pack 1: [LINK]

-- DX Icons Apps Pack 2: [LINK]

-- DX Icons Generic Pack 1: [LINK]

-- DX Icons Generic Pack 2: [LINK]

-- DX Icons Generic Pack 3: [LINK]


-- Windows Icons System/Apps Pack 1: [LINK]

-- Windows Icons SYstem/Apps Pack 2: [LINK]

-- Windows Icons Generic Pack 1: [LINK]

-- Windows Icons Generic Pack 2: [LINK]

Resource Files:

-- Create-your-own Template for Icons: [LINK]

-- Create-your-own Generator for Windows Icons: [LINK]

-- Create-your-own Generator for DesktopX Icons: [LINK]

-- Wallpaper PSDs: [LINK]

-- Sysmetrix PSD: [LINK]

-- Windowblinds PSDs: [LINK]

-- Winamp PSDs: [LINK]

-- DX Player PSD: [LINK]

Comments appreciated!

If you have enjoyed these skins, please make a small donation as a way of saying "Thanks" and "Please, sir, may we have some more?"

Dontate $10.00 : [LINK]

Dontate $20.00 : [LINK]

Donate Other : [LINK]

Thank You,

Chad L Ross


2 decades ago
Comment by: Scarebear
That is one sexy desktop Happy
2 decades ago
Comment by: PK
I love them all :-) Ive download a couple (not all, cause I dont have most of the programs..) and they work great!

BTW, thanks for the sneak preview!
2 decades ago
Comment by: Travelian
Looks amazing...just wish the IM skin were for Trillian and the mp3 player skin were for sonique1 or 2. Looks damm sexy though. I love green themes.
2 decades ago
Comment by: CutTheRedWire
I´m imperessed with the amount of work you´ve done, and the resources you have made avalible. I´m still in the begging learningstages, so this could be very helpful to me. ^.^
2 decades ago
Comment by: BruB
Very nice Suite. Donation? haven´t seen that often, i´ll actually think about it!
2 decades ago
Comment by: moshi
that´s a wonderful complete suite. i like the XXCalc and ColorPad skins best.
1 decade ago
Comment by: tongoll
i cant get the
Sysmetrix: [LINK]
-- Sysmetrix "Handheld" version
-- XXCalc:

too work.

how do i put them in, i tryd widgets and objects. and iv tryde unzipping them but it wont read the file too select it in the browse menu.

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