H2so4 Handheld

H2so4 Handheld

By chadamus
H2so4 Handheld for sysmetrix.

Contains E-mail notification, CPU, MEM, and SWAP meters, plus 3 customizeable drive or usage meters.

I personally run this one on my desktop, and the H2so4-DX as part of my DesktopX theme.

And yes... you can run multiple instances of SysMetrix. Pretty handy, actually.

Part of the "H2so4" skin suite.

See the skins in action here: [LINK]

Check out the rest below. Enjoy!

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Comments appreciated!

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Thank You,

Chad L Ross


2 decades ago
Comment by: Snowman
This is one flippin´ awesome skin!!
2 decades ago
Comment by: PK
Oh men! This is great! Featured for sure! (or should we wait for the whole suite..Wink
2 decades ago
Comment by: BruB
Neato!! very nice effect.
2 decades ago
Comment by: Koasati
hmmnn......looks nice, but kind of jaggy around the edges. Meters are hard to read to me. No offense intended.
2 decades ago
Comment by: chadamus
Well, with any curve and no possibility of anti-aliasing the edges with this program, there are bound to be a few jaggies. I did all I could to minimize that. Still looks better on darker wallpapers, though. I´d have to agree with the meters being a little hard to read... the other color versions are easier to read. Oh... wait, I´m getting ahead of myself again....
2 decades ago
Comment by: moshi
i love round desktop gadgets. looks very neat, and i´m looking forward to this new suite. hope Xymantix gives us anti-aliasing soon ... maybe similar to Rainlendar´s solution.
2 decades ago
Comment by: Koasati
Exactly why I won´t be releasing my latest HvD theme. It´s all round buttons, and on the wrong wallpaper they don´t look so good.
2 decades ago
Comment by: imtoomuch
that´s awesome Chadamus - you´re best skin yet IMHO. =)
2 decades ago
Comment by: CutTheRedWire
Pretty smooth and swet. 8) One of the smaller skins I´ve seen for it too, yet it´s got just about everything.
2 decades ago
Comment by: Scarebear
Cool skin. Looks good on my grey desktop. But I started off with Sonique 1 - I´m used to jagged edges Grin I like the clock background a lot.
2 decades ago
Comment by: beastie
this is a very clean, and simple(i love simple) and the colors work great. good job.:9
2 decades ago
Comment by: DAvenger
rulez Grin
2 decades ago
Comment by: nikuki
very, very, extremely kick-ass! beautifully done, and as always bonus points for using green!! lol
2 decades ago
Comment by: chichigirl46
Very nice design, I had the same problems with synctime on jagged edges, but I did not clean up the pixel edges until I did several layers, then cleaned up the edges and it worked for me, just a suggestion....... :-)

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