By titan
This is Crystal amp based on and ported from the windowblinds Crystalized by honz12 [LINK] who drew inspiration from the original icons Crystal for KDE by Everaldo [LINK] thanks go to him for the permission and eq idea. Thanks also to Everaldo for use of his icons. I have a windows logo version also, note me if you want it


2 decades ago
Comment by: PK
Featured! Why isn´t this featured! This must be featured! ADMINS!!!! Can this be featured! And cool music too!
2 decades ago
Comment by: Scarebear
I think I agree with everything PK said Grin
2 decades ago
Comment by: siron
NO DONT FEATURE IT!! FEATURE MINE!!! lol. j/k. good skin!
2 decades ago
Comment by: BruB
It´s funny because the music does not go with the skin type Happy
2 decades ago
Comment by: Xymantix
Very nice and clean - my favorite kind!
2 decades ago
Comment by: titan
linux users dont listen to system? lol j/k.
thanks guys im honored!
2 decades ago
Comment by: Js0
sharp, smooth and sweeeet~!!! Happy
2 decades ago
Comment by: chichigirl46
The picture through my eyes look´s really sweet, I don´t have the program but very nice :-)
2 decades ago
Comment by: Triforce
2 decades ago
Comment by: AaronL
Awesome skin. i don´t have XP ( none of my programs will work with that) but this looks like XP. great job.
1 decade ago
Comment by: Casian
Very nice, titan! I have an winamp skin which is called smth like "winamp_xp", it is very nice lookin´, and is very clean and also easy to use (buttons are very well rendered). I use xmms in my linux desktop and I use that skin for xmms, you know they fit each other. I use kde, the crystal theme. Thx, from now on I will not have to ues that xp skin anymore, since I have this one, which fits perfectly in kde´s Crystal Theme. (o)

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