By Sephirotess

CalendarSuite(V2) by Sephirotess:

CalendarSuite(V2): 2 calendars with events and notes and a new very easy way to add events :-).

Options :

- 2 languages: English and French,
- text color can be modified,
- 25 appearances,
- 18 appearances for the indicator of the day,
- 11 appearances for the indicator of the events.
- 1 wallpaper,
- easy configuration.

Use the "themes panel" to change the appearance (25) of the skins. Use the "wallpaper panel" (config) in order to install the wallpaper. Use the "months" config to add/remove and active/deactive events.

To add an event, open the "months files" in the "config" folder. Just write the events in the suitable slot. In order to activate the indicator of the event (and the tooltip of the event), left click on the associated number. Right click disactivate indicator and event. To add an event was never as easy :-).

For the notes, left click over the numbers (or days) in order to see yours notes in the note's panel. Close a note in order to update. Close a note, before opening an other, to avoid conflits :-).

Identical options for the 2 calendars:

- a color for the 5 days of the week and a different color for Saturday and Sunday,

- a color for the current day,

- a color for the body of the calendar, as well as for the information over,

- a different color for Saturday and Sunday (in the body of the calendar),

- a color for the days of the previous and next months,

- a second indicator for the current day (small square),

- an indicator for the events (small square),

- date, number of the week and day of year,

- possibility to visualize the previous/next months,

- a note for each days of the month,

- events for each months...

In order to use a minimum of resources, the measures and meters of the calendars are update (automatically) only when the current day changes. It's useless to update all seconds, because all is based in the current day (date) and the change takes place only on every 24 hours. 

- Calendar1: in addition to the quoted options, this version offers a panel for the events. This one can be hidden (with the small orb). It shows the events of the current day (if there is some) and the events of the current month.

- Calendar2: it proposes the same options that the previous, but it doesn't have panel for the events.


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