By Sephirotess

BA(V1) by Sephirotess:

BA(V1): just "BA" (no name).


- 2 languages: English and French,
- text color can be modified,
- 1 wallpaper,
- easy configuration.

Use the "wallpaper panel" (config) in order to install the wallpaper.

Section "Divers":

- Calendar: calendar with events and notes for each day of the month. Left click over the numbers (or days) in order to see yours notes in the note's panel. Close a note in order to update. Close a note, before opening an other, in order to avoid conflits :-). Left click on the orb shows/hide files (months) of the events. Click on a file in order to add or delete event (follow the instructions in the "txt" files). Colors for week day. Differents colors for saturday & sunday. Double indicators for current day (color & square). Use the arrow in order to see preview or next months,

- Notes: a simple tool for taking some notes. Left click in order to open note. The skin manage 3 notes and a to do list,

- Slideshow: with some fonctions. You can see the path (and name) of the current file, in the left of the skin. Move the mouse on this indication, in order to see full path. In the top left, the skin indicate the number of pictures in the folder and the total size. Under, you can see 4 small orbs. The first (left) opens the folder of the pictures. The second has for function to offer a preview. The next permits to stop and to restart the slideshow. The last one (right) set current picture as wallpaper. Use the panel config of the suite in order to change the path (for your pictures) and delay between 2 images,

- Time: shows short date representation (first line) and full date (second line, without year). The skin indicates the current time, uptime, time zone and a simple clock in the center,

Section "HDD":

- Letters (HDD C to Z ): give some information about the hard disk. It shows the letter of the HDD, as well as the name. It indicates the size of the disk. The skin shows used space (Go and in percentages), as well as the free space (Go and percentages). It also indicates the activity of the disk, reading and writing. It also shows cumulative readings and writings, by session. The activity is also indicated via little dots (animation), and via histograms. No need to use the config panel in order to change letters,

- Recycle Bin: the skin shows the number of present files and their size. It also shows the rate of replenishment of the trash (percentages & bar). It is displayed via percentage & bar. When the number of files reached the limit fixed (250), a sound is played and the display of the rate becomes slightly bigger. Left click (bar or size) open the recycle bin. Right click empty it.

Section "Sound":

- Player: it indicates the name of the artist, the title of the song, title of the album, the year and the cover album. It shows the position of the title, the total length, track number, position and volume level. The player has different buttons: play/pause, stop, preview and next. Use the progression bar to modify the position of the track (scroll up jump to 10 % forward, scroll down jump to 10% backward). Use the double right click on the length (or on the bar) in order to open the player,  

- Volume: this skin controls the volume under Windows. You can increase or lower the sound, via the small arrows. You can increase or lower the sound by clicking on the volume bar. Left click raise sound. Right click down sound. You can see current audio device and change it (left click). You can cut the sound (mute), opening Windows volume mixer and access to Windows audio configuration. Below you can see percentages (10%, 20%...). Left click on one of them, in order to set sound to the level of your choice. 

Section "System":

- Battery: shows battery level, information about source (ACLine/battery), status (low, high...) and the life time,

- Control: 4 shortcuts (hibernate, restart, shutdown and logoff),

- CPU: shows CPU activity, current CPU speed and temperature (with Coretemp). It indicates too the Bus speed and multiplier,

- GPU: shows GPU usage. The skin indicates the GPU speed, memory clock, memory used, fan speed and GPU temperature (with MSIAfterBurner, plugin by Nick Connors),

- Infos: gives informations about user, PC's name, PC's model (manufacturer, product...). The skin shows OS version (build, bit...), the size of the screen and idle time,

- Memory: shows total RAM/SWAP. Shows the use/free of RAM/SWAP in Go and percentage,

- Network: shows the speed of current download/upload. It indicates too cumulative download and upload. Right click in order to reset statistics,

- Process: shows number of current processes. The skins shows the 4 top processes, with AdvancedCPU,

- Windows (shortcuts): calculator, config panel, Explorer, Notepad, Regedit, Ribbons, TaskManager...



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Well done! Coffee
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Comment by: Sephirotess
Thanks a lot sed Happy.

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