By Sephirotess

BlackHole(V1.1) by Sephirotess:

BlackHole(V1.1): is a part of my little saga which opposes A.O.F.P. (Alliance of free peoples) and T.B.O.T.S. (The brothers of the Shade). For memory, the saga contains (for now) "3DSpace", "T.B.O.T.S", "T.B.O.T.SArrival", "DarkHeart" and this one (more to come).


- 2 languages: English and French,
- text color can be modified,
- 1 wallpaper,
- easy configuration.

"Black Hole" takes place far away from the Earth. The Brothers of the Shade absorbed the life form (resources) of a planet and decided to destroy an entire galaxy by swallowed it in a black hole. They act like this, when they can't convert people to their faith.

This galaxy is protected by the "Degerks" ; one of the 3 nations of the A.O.F.P. They asked assistance from the "Darkas", the second big nation, but they refused to help... The Darkas are also called "DarkHeart" because they act only according to their creed. They don't care about people or of destruction of planet. They joined the Alliance, only in order to take revenge against the Shade, because they destroyed 3 of their planets. The Alliance can't rely on the Darkas for safety missions, but they can count on them for the battles. The Darkas are some kind of humanoid and water organism element. They have 3 big eyes and are born from strange eggs.

Without the help of the Darkas, the Degerks decided to rescue the people of the galaxy, by deploying big ships, in order to displaced inhabitants, before the total destruction...   

The suite shows the black hole (wallpaper) and the last planet (rotator) of the galaxy. It shows too 12 "rescue ships" (with measures as CPU, Ram...) and 3 Patrols ships. This 3 ships move on the screen to every second. Their appearance change every 4 seconds. All "rescue ships" use bars. On the screenshot you can see little white/gray points. It is a simple animation for ashes particles, which covers the screen.
When the layout will be loaded, the wallpaper will be automatically installed. You can hide all information about the skins (only for ships) with middle mouse click. 

Section "Divers":

- DockWindows (with rotators): gives access to some of Windows tools, as Regedit, Notepad, calculator, configuration panel, ribbons (screensaver), Explorer...

- Time: shows current time, full date (month, day and year), weekday and uptime. The progression of the bar is calculated with the seconds,

- Volume: controls the volume under Windows. It shows volume level. You can increase or lower the sound, via the "ship" (bar). Left click raise sound. Right click down sound. You can see current audio device, change it (left click) and "mute option.

Section "HDD":

- HDD (up to 3 drives): give some information about the hard disk. The skin shows the letter of the HDD, as well as the name. It indicates the size of the disk. It shows used space and the free space. These information are also displayed via the "ship" (bar),

- Recycle Bin: the skin shows the number of present files and their size. It also shows the rate of replenishment of the trash. It is displayed via percentage & bar. When the number of files reached the limit fixed (250), a sound is played and the display of the rate becomes slightly bigger.

Section "System":

- Battery: shows battery's level and information about source (ACLine/battery) and status (low, high...). The bar indicates the level of the battery,

- Control (with rotators): 4 shortcuts (hibernate, restart, shutdown and logoff),

- CPU: shows CPU's activity, current CPU speed and temperature (with Coretemp). The bar shows the CPU usage. Move the mouse over "CPU", in order to have more information about your CPU,

- GPU: shows GPU's usage via bar and percentage. The skin indicates the GPU speed, memory clock, memory used, fan speed and GPU temperature (with MSIAfterBurner, plugin by Nick Connors),

- Process: shows number of current process. The bar indicates too the number of process, with a basis of 100. It's just for the decoration. The skins shows the 2 top processes (with AdvancedCPU),

- Ram: shows total Ram, used/free Ram,

- Swap: shows total Swap, used/free Swap.


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