By Sephirotess

FunnyFace(3D) by Sephirotess:

FunnyFace(3D): new version of an old suite, with 3D funny faces and 3D "clouds". The appearance of the faces and of the clouds automatically changes (random). The font color of some skins changes automatically when a certain level is reached.

Options :

- 2 languages: English and French,
- text color can be modified,
- 33 faces,
- 10 "clouds",
- 1 wallpaper,
- easy configuration.

Detail of the suite:

Section "Divers":

- Time: time and date,

- Uptime : with seconds,

- Day of year: the number of the day of year,

- Week number: number of the week,

- Volume: volume level (Left click increases sound, right click lowers sound),

- Notes: simple note (left click open note),

- Windows tools: shortcuts for some Windows tools (calculator, Explorer, TaskManager, Ribbons and Notepad).

Section "HDD":

- HDD (up to 3 drives): shows the letter of the HDD, as well as the name. It indicates the free space (%). Changes to 20% level.

- Recycle Bin: indicate number of files and their size. Left click opens Recycle Bin, right click empty it. Changes when the files reach 250.

Section "System":

- Battery: shows battery level. Changes to 20% level,

- CPU: CPU usage. Changes at 60% of use,

- CPUT: CPU temperature (works with Coretemp). Changes when the temperature reach 60°,

- GPU: GPU usage (with MSIAfterBurner, plugin by Nick Connors). Changes at 60% of use,

- GPUFan: GPU fan speed. Changes at 70% of use,

- GPUMem: usage of GPU's memory. Changes at 70% of use. In order to use this skin, you need to set your maximum GPU memory, in the config panel of the suite,

- GPUSpeed: shows GPU speed in "Mhz". Changes at 60% of use. In order to use this skin, you need to set the maximum speed of your GPU, in the config panel of the suite,

- GPUTemp: GPU temperature. Changes when the temperature reach 60°,

- Processes: number of current processes,

- TopProcesses: top processes with Advanced CPU,

- Ram: usage of the Ram (Go). Changes to 70% of use,

- Swap: usage of the Swap (Go). Changes to 70% of use.



7 years ago
Comment by: sed
Cool idea!!
7 years ago
Comment by: Sephirotess
Thanks. It was fun to do Happy.

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