By Sephirotess

DroneSuite(V2.4) by Sephirotess:

DroneSuite(V2.4): full DroneSuite pack, with the 4 addons (new skins, new appearances and now versions with rotators).


- 2 languages: English and French,
- text color can be modified,
- 65 appearances (drones),
- 50 appearances (rotators),
- 4 wallpapers,
- easy configuration.

DroneSuite(V2). Origin pack:

- Date: indicate the day of the month,

- Month: number of the current month,

- Year: current year,

- Day of the year: number of the day of year,

- Week number: number of the week,

- Hours: indicate the hours,

- Minutes: the minutes,

- Seconds: the seconds,

- Volume: volume of the sound. Left click increases sound. Right click lowers sound,

- Notes: simple note (left click open note),

- User: shows user's name,

- HDD1: free space of disk 1 (the letter can be modified in the small configuration panel of the suite). Left click open drive,

- HDD2: same options for a second disk,

- Recycle Bin: indicate number of files in the recycle bin.
Left click open Recycle Bin, right click empty it.

- Download: speed of the download in B/s,

- Upload: speed of the upload in B/s,

- Wifi: Wifi quality,

- Battery: power (charge) of the battery,

- CPU: usage of CPU in percentage,

- Processes: number of current process,

- Ram: usage of the Ram in percentage,

- Swap: usage of the Swap in percentage.

DroneSuite(V2)Addon. First addon:

- HDD3: free space of disk 3 (the letter can be modified in the small configuration panel of the suite). Left click open drive,

- HDD1Monitor: show HDD1 access,

- HDD2Monitor: same option for HDD2,

- HDD3Monitor: same option for HDD3,

- CPUTemp: indicate the temperature of the CPU (With CoreTemp),

- RamF: free Ram in percentage,

- SwapF: free Swap in percentage,

- TopProcess: show the most active process in percentage (with Advanced CPU),

- To-Do: simple "to do" note (left click to open to do note),

- Weather: simple weather panel. Show current temperature,  

- Toggler: show/hide all skins.

DroneSuite(V2)Addon (GPU pack). Second addon (with MSI AfterBurner, plugin by Nick Connors):

- GPU: usage of GPU in percentage,

- GPUTemp: GPU temperature,

- GPUMem: usage of GPU's memory,

- GPUFan: GPU fan speed,

- GPUSpeed: GPU speed (clock),

- GPUMS: GPU memory speed (clock).

DroneSuite(V2)Addon (skins & appearances pack). Third addon:

- NDevice: Audio device selector. Left click to change device,

- CPUSpeed: CPU speed (clock),  

- Clock: simple clock,

- Rainmanager: load Rainmeter,

- Rainfolder: open Rainmeter folder,

- RefreshAll: refresh Rainmeter (all skins),

- Uptime: with day, hours and minutes,

- DownloadC: cumulative speed of the download (left click reset statistics),

- UploadC: cumulative speed of the upload (left click reset statistics),

- ShorcutCreator: create 8 shortcuts for your favorite software. You will find your shortcuts in the folders (and subfolders) "Divers", "Shortcuts", "SC1", "SC2"... Give short names.

DroneSuite(V2)Addon (rotators pack). Fourth addon:

Now all skins have a rotator version. They use more resources processor than the drones appearances.

You can change appearance (theme) of each skin with middle mouse button.

This pack contains all skins of the different versions (addons). You don't need a previous version to use it. You can install it as an update if you already possess the origin pack and one or several addons. In this case, this pack will be placed directly in the folder of the suite. It will replace all files. You will have to enter again your settings (letters of the HDDs, color, language, weather code).



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Well done Happy
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Thanks Congratulation.

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