ZDL Six-Track Reel-To-Reel Machine

ZDL Six-Track Reel-To-Reel Machine

By mikezee
This is Reel-To-Reel Six-Track analog tape deck with running reels while playing mp3s in Dub and Reggae retro style.
Note: This skin may require hi-power from your computer system (CPU), also it works best on W-XP and W-2000, this skin may not look and work as smooth as designed on older computers and other operating systems.
If your computer system has problems running this skin, or if your operating system platform does not support alpha-desktop option on, then try lighter version of it - ZDL-ANALOG HOME STUDIO.
More info below:
Winamp-3.x player skin/interface.
Make sure you have new winamp-3 player installed first and it is running ok on your computer. This skin will not work with older winamp2.xx player.
When downloading, I'd recommend to download the skin file into some temporary folder first, make sure you keep the same .wal extension of the file, DO NOT change it to .zip!). Then copy/paste skin_name.wal file into MyComputer/C:/Program Files/Winamp3/Skins. Start Winamp3, go main menu/skins and select skin from the list. Have Fun Happy


2 decades ago
Comment by: BruB
Lots of work went in this one alos. Again, not my cup of tea, but nice work.

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