Sabastian Lost

Sabastian Lost

By raschen
Sabastian Lost- OTS compliant, Resolution independent 1024 through 1600. Requires latest indie build and nekkid
hamsters. 2k and XP only. Screen shot tells what modules are in this.

Burstnibbler [LINK] has a winamp 3 skin that matches these colors perfectly. It's
called Buroid. I highly recommend it because it simply kicks ass!!

Background in screen shot - I don't know who owns it... it was found long ago. If it's yours feel free to claim
it. It's pretty sweet.

I would like to thank Burstnibbler for all the help in putting this together. He gave me the information I needed
and fixed some problems that had me bewildered. Taught me not to be afraid of negative numbers too!! haha

And Ravi the head honcho over at Shell-Shocked [LINK] for testing it out. Thanks dude.

This theme started out being just one color for a person that is very special to me. Something happened during it's development that is very sad for me. To complete this I worked at the edge of my emotions through every high and low.
And much of it was low. But my love for this person enabled me to complete it. I would like to dedicate this theme
to a very wonderful person that has put 3 years of effort into me. Mona conception. Thank you for the time darling.

If you have any other questions... Read the Readme.txt in sabastianlost



1 decade ago
Comment by: BruB
We donĀ“t have too enough good Litestep theme here, good one.
1 decade ago
Comment by: Xymantix
Looks cool. Nice and original!
1 decade ago
Comment by: moshi
great graphics with a really interesting interface. where can i get a nekkid hamster now ?
1 decade ago
Comment by: PK
This is great!
1 decade ago
Comment by: raschen
Hey guys, moonlady over at DA has done some cool renders with terragen that give your desktop some depth and are colored to match this theme. It looks wicked as hell. [LINK]

1 decade ago
Comment by: Captain America
Love it! This is AWESOME! clap

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