Xthree WMP Skin

Xthree WMP Skin

By XthreeWMP
This skin is full-featured alternative interface for Windows Media Player. This is a new way to listen or view your favorite audio and video files. It is more than just a change of appearance, standard player logic was totally recoded. So it is easy to say that this is next version of Media Player. Xthree interface is aimed to offer highest level of comfortable usability, fast access to all standard controls, and a lot of new features.

Xthree Skin features:

Professional dj mixer looking, animated, full-featured equalizer
Presets in equalizer with ability to save and load them
Equalizer fullscreen mode with controls for touchscreen user interface
Transparency **
Comfortable control hotkeys
Opportunity to play videos with 1 frame step *
Steady seek step calculated as a percentage of the duration *
Buttons for rewinding and fast forwarding
Skip playing mode for fast media preview
Skin is resizeable and has alernative fullscreen mode in maximized state
Mouse cursor over video automatically hides after 2 seconds **
Album art view mode with DVD/Blu-ray covers support
Tooltips with multi-language support
Help view mode and solution for play any type of media (Read more at FAQ section)

* - with hotkey
** - not available in Windows Media Player 10

Supported Windows Media Player versions - 10, 11, 12 (tested on Windows 8).

(26/10/2012) Updated to version 1.1

- Fixed bug with play speed on latest WMP build
- Fixed bug with an Equalizer visualisation
- Improved seek step and seek hotkeys

Visit skin homepage - [LINK]


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