Dark Shadows_wallpak

Dark Shadows_wallpak

By stramp
Dark Shadows contest wall submission by Jim Kilroy @ Deviantart tittled Barnabas Collins_Vampyre one of the most outstanding original standouts in the competition. This is not a digital portrait, it is Fineart! Jim an excellant artist has an amazing portrait site & blog site you must see. All credit to him for this amazing piece! Credits & permission are included in the folder. 10 sizes in the folder from 1024x768 to 1920x1200. This is a modified portrait version to fit the desktop. I had to paint, light, texture, rehandpaint and redo lettering to make the match blend well as a wall & to display well with the Logon! Hope you like it! Keep Biting!

Dark Shadows Logon- [LINK]

jimkilroy gallery- [LINK]
jimkilroy fineart site- [LINK]


6 years ago
Comment by: sed
5 years ago
Comment by: jazzilady
He does fine work! clap Booming love
5 years ago
Comment by: Alfa30
clap Cool
5 years ago
Comment by: stramp
Alfa Jazzi SED, thx & yes he is good & gracious to let this be used! I´m glad I could make it work! Grin
5 years ago
Comment by: MountainHawk
Good on Jim Kilroy...good artist and nice presentation Stramp. clap Congratulation Cool A w a r d
5 years ago
Comment by: digitalpix4all
Well done, stramp. clap clap A w a r d Congratulation Booming love
5 years ago
Comment by: stramp
Yes I did this for him as he created this for us! I´m glad that I did present it right! My Mom does similar art as a hobby and I was always moved by her talent which she developed it on her own. Her facial portrait work needed refinement, then I visited her a year later and I thought she was showing me PHOTOGRAPHS at first! I couldn´t tell the difference, seriously. Many thanks all, I will pass along your comments to Jim! Thank you for the Fav ED! See I like doing other´s work as it opens doors & creates the atmosphere we all need to be a close knit community! No Drama here! clap Grin Congratulation
5 years ago
Comment by: killua
Nice clap
5 years ago
Comment by: stramp
Thank you M Hawk. I thought all the info would make for some great reading, new sites & inspiration! And Thank you Hytham & Ed for the favs!!! Amazed

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