Mels Diner

Mels Diner

By netwolf56
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1 decade ago
Comment by: etype2
Great nostalgic shot David! Where was this shot? This is what I remember:

Mel´s Diner was the setting for the 1976-1985 American TV Series Alice. It was a roadside diner on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona that served locals and truckers alike. It had a counter, two large booths, and a couple of tables. Although one of the three waitresses, Alice, was the main character, the show revolved around all the waitresses and Mel Sharples, the owner and cook. Most scenes of the show took place in the diner as well. The diner setting was so intertwined with the show that the series itself is often referred to erroneously as "Mel´s Diner."
The large outside shot of the diner with the giant coffee cup sometimes seen in the opening credits of "Alice" is of a real Mel´s Diner (1747 NW Grand Avenue) which is still in operation in Phoenix, the city in which "Alice" took place.

Still in operation and a stone´s throw from where we live.

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1 decade ago
Comment by: etype2
... Mel´s Drive-In (not to be confused with Mel´s Diner) Beer
1 decade ago
Comment by: Alfa30
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Comment by: digitalpix4all
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1 decade ago
Comment by: netwolf56
thanks...yes, Mels Drive is different than Mel´s diner. This was taken as a representation of Rodeo Dr Calif. at Universal Orlando.

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