Lord Ambrosius_vista7

Lord Ambrosius_vista7

By stramp
Lord Ambrosius for Logon Studio. Straight from talented 3d artist Fabio Bautista! This Logon contains 2 User icons for the theme- one pink & one red to go with the red Bonus versions in the wallpak! All credit to Fabio and many thanks for the permission to modify & use. Permission & Credit is in the folder. Be sure to visit his sites if you haven't already!
Fabio's gallery- [LINK]
Fabio's blog- [LINK]
Since I can't upload the file here for some reason go here to download when it is approved, Sorry!
Logon Download- [LINK]


1 decade ago
Comment by: mikelly
Truly Amazing stramp clap clap
1 decade ago
Comment by: stramp
You´ll either have to go to my site at Deviant art or wait to download thru the link to Wincustomize as I can´t even get the file to take even thru update! Thank you Mike, There will be 2 more BONUS walls that I modified for use with LogonStudio in the Wallpak along with an extra icon for the red version! Both Fabio & I thank you for the comments! Grin
1 decade ago
Comment by: digitalpix4all
Love it, stramp. clap clap A w a r d Congratulation Booming love
1 decade ago
Comment by: stramp
Thank very much Ed! I appreciate that very much!!! I can´t say much for the rating system @ WC, Whoever rates this stuff there gave it a half a star and didn´t put it in the gallery so as we know it is doomed to purgatory. I hate the rating system! I think if you did a good job it should stand on it´s own merit based on what everyone likes. I would like it to be seen tho! ()()
1 decade ago
Comment by: Alfa30
1 decade ago
Comment by: adni18
Good work! Congratulation
1 decade ago
Comment by: stramp
Many thanks Nikos & Alfa! Grin Grin

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