A little dwarf travelling the world

A little dwarf travelling the world

By Sommerwind
A community project: It all started on July 16th in 2008. One of my german community friends found a little dwarf in her garden. She had the idea to send him out to anybody who wanted to invite him. That was when Herberts journey into the world started from Duisburg in Germany. From the beginning I was in charge of organising the whole thing. The list of forum users who wanted to meet him became longer and longer, and after two and a half years he hasn't yet met all of the people on the list. He visited 55 towns in different countries so far, has been to the UK, to Switzerland, to the most beautiful isle of Naxos in Greece and many many places in Germany as you can see on the little map. At the end of last november he got lost in Munich, and we haven't heard of him since.....nor did the user he was sent to tell us what happened to him. After a lot of trouble,anger and two month of waiting we could activate Herberts twin brother Her.i.bert to continue his brothers journey until he would return home safely one day. This little collage should give you an impression of Heriberts arrival at my home. He loves wine gums and german food in general, and he persisted to drink a bottle of our local dark country beer out of a christmas beer glass from Tuborg, because he loved the glass so much. The dwarf and I had lots fun during that beer shooting........and both ended up a little tipsy, lol. So here we are........I thought you might like this little story. Currently Heribert is visiting a professional photographer in Bad Ischl in Austria, and after that he will be off to Bavaria and so on. Greetings to all of you! Happy Booming love


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Comment by: FredNunes
clap clap clap
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Comment by: Richard Mohler
clap Photographer
1 decade ago
Comment by: Alfa30
Cool clap Congratulation Grin
1 decade ago
Comment by: jazzilady
What a wonderful story! Just like the Elf from travelosity, or somewhere! clap Booming love
1 decade ago
Comment by: etype2
Booming love A w a r d clap clap clap
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Comment by: AIMZ
Nice clap LOL
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Comment by: D Man
Sounds like he is having a great time Antje..Hope he makes it home ok hope thye all take pictures and pass them on for all to see. clap clap Photographer
1 decade ago
Comment by: digitalpix4all
Excellent, antje. Photographer clap A w a r d Booming love
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Comment by: kchristine
What a great story. Nicely done. Booming love
9 years ago
Comment by: Sommerwind
Thank you all very much for your kind comments! I apologize for the late reply! Happy Booming love

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