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Ascension wall render using Silvaticus's(Romeo Salbatecu) 3d Aztec warrior model as the central figure in this theme for this LogonXP logon from his Ancient Times challenge submission @ CG Arena- [LINK] View all the pages to get an idea of the amount of work involved! Many thanks for the permission to use and all credit to him for this fantastic 3d character render which made this wall and logon set possible. At ZBrush Central He has a great set of 3d models of which I will leave links for you to see. Thanks to redneckdude for the advice in finalizing this piece. There will also be a LogonStudio Vista/Win7 logon, and a possible boot from inthebloodofeden to go with the set. 1920x1200 rez. 2 User icons in the folder, Bitmap_114, 114b for the theme. Custom font included, after load the logon Copy the font file OAKWOOD into your Windows system font folder for the correct font to display. Made with Vue, Paint, Paint.Net, ImagesinContext, Gimp, Microsoft Digital Image and main character in Zbrush. Climb to your Ascension! Credit to Eugenia(Jenia) for the Mayan Temple architectural object for Vue @ Cornucopia- [LINK]
CG Arena Submission
Silvaticus Thread link- [LINK]


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