Street Glide

Street Glide

By D Man
This ones for Sed. Ok started as a stoke Street Glide then we got a hold of it then the fun began we put a blower on it with twin small block Chevrolet nitros systems gear driven cams and by the way it is the only one in the world with gear driven cams period I had them custom made and do have the Pattent on them plus many custom features to many to list here right now. Going to take it to the salt flats to go for the record in it's class record is 140 mph HA first time on the dyno smoked the tire going from third to fourth gear then ran it up to 182 mph and dyno moved across the floor with me on it yeehaaa this is crazy I tell you but gotta to love it oh we just put fresh paint on it more pics to come after next show and we built it to go and get milk and bread fun times ahead!!!!!!!!


1 decade ago
Comment by: sed
TOO SUPERBE! How much ya want for it?? [Nevermind].......... Careful on the flats! Congratulation
1 decade ago
Comment by: killua
Awesome Darren Happy Congratulation
1 decade ago
Comment by: kchristine
Great shot. Booming love
1 decade ago
Comment by: Richard Mohler
Photographer clap
1 decade ago
Comment by: jazzilady
Beautiful bike Darren, so nice! clap Booming love
1 decade ago
Comment by: Sommerwind
Just imagine getting milk and bread with it, I guess I´d be dead before I even arrive at the bakers! Amazed LOL

Absolutely beautiful bike, Darren! Congratulation Booming love clap
1 decade ago
Comment by: D Man
Thanks Sed,Hytham,Sally,Richard,Jazzi and Antje. Oh thanks Antje for the fav and you would be ok. clap
1 decade ago
Comment by: digitalpix4all
Beauty, Darren. Photographer clap

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