Castle Animated Wallpaper

Castle Animated Wallpaper

By Frogboy
Created by AlexG. This is the first example of DesktopX's power to be used to provide animated wallpaper. Because of the way DesktopX is optimized, the graphics are compressed in memory (thus it uses less memory than a regular wallpaper would likely use) and its animation optimizations mean it uses hardly any CPU (1% on my system). Update: Now has animated torches and other effects.


1 decade ago
Comment by: TAXIFUNK
Thanx for supporting this site in so many ways + recommending it to me in the 1st place, btw. The fact that AlexG + you also share it to a free site, also Cool This is sort of a symbolic Amazed for your numerous ways of bringing Fun here in addition to many other places inspita time constraints... + its a )); for how to save RAM even with ur progr. TSR which some might do themselves this way. That new version of Deskt.X for Developers plus the offer for registered users was tempting the other day, nutha social offer so to say. 8|p dont need spammy boost comments, I just felt like thanks here for many reasons - the widget or gadget or wall itself, most important thing to say normally, makes me Smile
1 decade ago
Comment by: Nicole Earl
This has got to be one of the coolest wallpapers i have ever seen !!!
Keep on going you have talent !!!

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