By CouchMaster
I know what your thinking - What the 'HEY' is this? It's a semi-transrarent skin
and will literally dissappear on a light background. The upper portion of the picture
is taken against my blue desktop while the lower mb part is against YaHoo's home page.
The pl part is what it really looks like without the region.txt file. The main and eq are programmed with every few pixels transparent - I had to do it this way because of the
size limit placed on the txt buffer, or I would have programmed every other pixel to be transparent (which is what I did in the windowshade modes). I discovered that the limit is 2254 (4's) four point coordinates - put in number 2255 and it crashes! I'm now working
on doing this by the 'point to point' coordinate system because far less imformation is needed that way. Hopefully, one day that elusive 'every other pixel window' will be a reality - just because it looks so darn smooth and cool...The skin can be difficult to
use because it's so transparent. Sometimes when you click on a button you hit what's underneath it - for these reasons this is a minimal skin, no mikro or avs in this version.
Also, there are about 7000 numpoints total in here and that is why the skin is so large,
kb wise. I used Excel to calculate all the points. I've been told that this app. doesn't work on win98 because the region text file is too large for notepad to open...

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