Circle of 5ths

Circle of 5ths

By Dare
The Circle of Fifths is an easy way to find out the key a song is in. [It] tells you how many sharps or flats are in a given key. C has no sharps or flats. It is called the Circle of Fifths because as you go clockwise, you go up a fifth. For example, the fifth note of the C major scale is G. The fifth note of the G major scale is D, and so on.

This is my graphical representation of said device...


1 decade ago
Comment by: Elwin
I like what you´re doing here.
But may I suggest a couple of things?
Your popups look good, but too much green on green tends to wash out the effect. you might want to consider doing the title, endcap, and left side in that gray-green that you use for your outer border in your wallpaper.
And if I were you, I´d reduce the amount of glow effect on the lettering, and the lettering itself could be done with a slightly darker version of the metallic background. They´d be easier to read, but still have the bold effect you were going for.

But then again, who am I? {:p

Oh, and good luck in the contest... Happy
1 decade ago
Comment by: Scarebear
I love green. And I love that you described what the theme related to. Otherwise I certainly would have had to figure it out!

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