Jesus Holy Shroud

Jesus Holy Shroud

By georgeous
The SHROUD is a word translated from the Greek word "Sindone" that means "linen cloth".
According to Jewish tradition the body of a dead person was wrapped in this sheet & then placed in the sepulcher. Today, when we talk of the 'Holy Shroud', we mean the linen sheet that has been kept for centuries in the Chapel of the Shroud, located in Torino (Italy), and that shows the imprint of a human face & body, that is believed to be Jesus’.

Computer processing has shown that the image has three-dimensional properties, something which neither paintings nor standard photographs possess. On it, is 'atomicaly' printed ( a technology that doesn't exist) the detailed imprint of a corpse of a man who was beaten & crucified, whose wounds on the shroud are the same wounds described as pertaining to Jesus.( Same knee & face
wounds descriptions, and side piercing, crown of thorns for proclaiming to be a king, and so forth..., all as described in the New Testament.) (Official Holy Shroud Site: [LINK])


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