life: Extinction

life: Extinction

By araut
--- File: contain 3 sizes inside .zip: 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960 and 1024 x 768 resolutions. --- Resources: I’d like to thanks to alyn - [LINK] - qzma - [LINK] - shad0w-gfx - [LINK] - Metal-CX - [LINK] - Greg Martin - [LINK] - and Scully7491 - [LINK] - for the tutorials and brushes...they helped me much.. thanks a lot. --- Motivation: I recently saw a BBC documentary about asteroids and their impact in our planet. Since it’s from BBC, I’ll take it as serious news. It made me much concerned about asteroids. In some day back in te year 2000, a town in Canada (can’t remember the name now) woke up with a very strong light and very strong sound, both very strange, very unusual. The cause: an asteroid just exploded a few miles in the air, before that could hit the ground.
There was some witness of the light that such explosion caused, and the sound was heard within many miles. Researches from some labs around the world went there to collect the fragments of the asteroid, to study them and to calculate many things. Giving the amount of fragments, they could calculate the size of the asteroid, and so they could estimate the power of the explosion, which was somehow similar of a nuclear weapon like USA dropped over the Japan, in WW II. And the asteroid was not even a large one.

And then another explosion like this occurred again, in Middle East, in 2003…another, somewhere in Asia in 2004. It seems that this kind of event is becoming more regular and common these days. So the possibility of a large asteroid hit our planet is becoming a real possibility….Such is that there are many research doing on the subject, and many governments are trying to find a way to keep the planet save from these deadly encounters.
The problem is that until recently they thought the solution was to use nuclear weapons to destroy any large asteroids in collision route to Earth. But this small asteroid in Canada cleared up a few things. Before, it was common sense that all asteroid classes was made of dense rock, and a nuclear explosion was enough to, at least, change the current curse of any asteroid. But this asteroid had more porosity in its rocks, which means if a nuclear weapon explodes in its surface, it absorbers much more of the explosion, some times fragmenting the whole asteroid, but even so, the current curse is not even lightly change. But can't we build a very large nuclear rocket to destroy large asteroids ?? Yes, we can, but this weapon would be to be so large and so powerful that this weapon would represent more danger to us than the asteroid itself.
However, there are a few alternatives trying to be implemented, mostly by NASA reaserches and other major space labs in the world. But there are many things about asteroids, meteors, comets and such, that we still need to discover.
I just hope they can think in a definitive solution before we need it.
Comments on the subject or on the image are most welcome. best wishes.


1 decade ago
Comment by: mickeblue
Great work Congratulation Trust me araut the BBC broadcasts as much bullshit as any other station... the only good thing about the station is that it doesn´t have advertisments in the middle of the programs ~ at least not here in the UK ( give it time! ).

Console yourself with the fact that by the time the next asteroid reaches here we will have destroyed ourselves anyway Wink
1 decade ago
Comment by: Richard Mohler
Very nice... Happy Holidays Congratulation
1 decade ago
Comment by: araut
thanks for the comments, folks..Glad you like this piece..Happy

i just hope we got some planetary colonies in mars or other place, by the time the next large asteroid hits us. lol

1 decade ago
Comment by: kchristine
I love this and thanks for uploading and for the description. Booming love
1 decade ago
Comment by: araut
thanks kchristine....i´m glad you enjoyed this wall. Happy
1 decade ago
Comment by: araut
thanks, GreyTata..Happy
1 decade ago
Comment by: rapidfire
wow, i didnt like the extinction comment though, pretty gloomy to have it, can u provide one without that comment?
1 decade ago
Comment by: MountainHawk
Great mate!!!! clap clap clap
1 decade ago
Comment by: Wilian Souza
How apocalyptical!
1 decade ago
Comment by: bslgames
amazing wallpaper one of the best i´ve ever seen

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