The Elune Winters

The Elune Winters

By araut
The moon goddess Elune is the elven prime deity . The warrior women of the Sentinel armies draw their strength and power from her. Elune was believed to live beneath the waters of the Well of Eternity, and despite its destruction, the Sentinels still honour her with every breath they take.
She has protected the world throughout the ages, guiding her children and calming violence. She is a pacifist in the sense that she uses her magic to disarm her enemies in a war, and not by using force. Many places has been blessed by Elune's Grace. Winterspring is one of them.

As the usual characteristic of a cold region, Winterspring is made up mainly of rocks, ice, extremely cold water, some vegetation and, of course, snow. Temperatures then are obviously very cold.

From time to time, Winterspring crosses periods even colder. This makes the atmosphere to collapse, causing a huge snow storm covering the entire region. The changes in temperatures cause massive pressure differences and therefore very strong winds. When this kind of winter arrives, a fresh layer of bright snow and thick ice is deposited. In some rare regions, where the ice is thicker, the temperatures reaches bellow -75 °C (-103 °F), but only in these most colder times.

Today's forecast: Springwinter it's getting colder...

Welcome to Winterspring.

Welcome to the Elune Winters.


I decided not to make smaller versions of this wall, mainly because of the massive lost in some details.
Though this is an unusual resolution for wallpapers - 2048x1536 - , so i can only hope that those who have big screens at high resolutions may use it.
But i hope all you may enjoy it.
Comments are very welcome, as usual. And i apologize for the large size of the preview and the download file, specially for those who still use dial-up connections.

tanx for viewing.
i bid you peace.
: )


1 decade ago
Comment by: MountainHawk
Nice work araut....those with image editors can modify it to suit their desktops. I don´t think size is an issue. Nice to see you submitting!!! Congratulation Cool Wink
1 decade ago
Comment by: araut
tanx mountainhawk...
well, sure folks may downsize the wall, but not without losing some details...
anyway, tanx for the feedback.
1 decade ago
Comment by: Srg01
Excellent work Congratulation
1 decade ago
Comment by: araut
Tanx Srg01, glad u liked it. Happy

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