By Mark Ackerson
Fett for DesktopX by mcackerson - Foremost, I'd like to thank Mike Bryant for his permission to port Fett WB5; when I saw his entry, I just couldn't help doing something with such a great looking skin. As well as Stephen Welsh, whose object dock Fett 2.0 - Changed app mods to match wallpaper with losing the Fett look and feel (see screenshot). Also has skins folder for Lens, a freeware desktop magnifier which can be had at [LINK] Permission to skin this app is in zip. Cleaned some stuff up. Moon toggles planetary slideshow which has 285 space pics.Fett skins greatly reduced my own labor (nice job, Steve). I'd also like to thank Richard Mohler for his permission to use his calendar, stats and weather widgets, as they are the underlying basics for the Fett objects. In addition, thanks to DaWebMassa for his MoonPhase object; it's pretty cool. Lastly, thanks to Paul Boyer for allowing me the use of a few of his excellent apogee amber icons, which I have resized and saved to png format.
This theme sports blinking stars in the wallpaper. Touch the top of your screen to show/hide the bar, which has button sliders for the drop down menus. The two outer buttons will give you weather, calendar, stats and net info (upload/download and mail). The media container has the fett volume control, and the apps container has the fett calculator.
The task bar isn't skinned, as I prefer it the way it is. Permissions included in zip as jpgs. I also included the font I used. The theme took a while to do; hope you enjoy it!


1 decade ago
Comment by: Richard Mohler
Excellent work here, nice touch.. Congratulation
1 decade ago
Comment by: Alfa30
1 decade ago
Comment by: MountainHawk
Very nice design. Cool
1 decade ago
Comment by: mickeblue
Great looking desktop lol
1 decade ago
Comment by: satib
clap clap clap clap Congratulation Congratulation Congratulation

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