Olympic park

Olympic park

By Sunnychick
just a fun pic, if you look long enough its starts looking stranger and stranger. -Sydney Olympic park-


1 decade ago
Comment by: MountainHawk
It is like a man made cobblestone desert of chrome cactuses. great desktop image!!!! Congratulation Cool Wink
1 decade ago
Comment by: nadgerry
absolutely astounding capture..love the noise in the image..did u photoshop this image?the sepia tone I suppose, but did u add noise or did it come out like this? I thought it was a 3d render at first...super A w a r d A w a r d A w a r d
1 decade ago
Comment by: mikelly
Great use of light and shadow,Will done A w a r d
1 decade ago
Comment by: sed
This place is weird to start with ... What an excellent capture Photographer Congratulation
1 decade ago
Comment by: vikram
Wow does this place really exist? :o What´s the scale of it?

Great image Congratulation
1 decade ago
Comment by: Sunnychick
Hey. =) haha ya the only thing I did to it was add the color. I used a longer exp. which I think gave the unreal look, with the lighting. I dont have photoshop yet =( This place is real it is in sydney AUS at the olympic park. Each pole has a memory from Olympics I do believe. I was in a hurry and didnt have time to read them all. They are all different heights but most of them are about 10 feet tall. Some are shorter then me. It is just a walkway up to one of the arenas there (where the hockey games were.) Thanks guys Happy
1 decade ago
Comment by: TAXIFUNK
Wow lol

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