Happy Fish

Happy Fish

By Sternengalaxy
Happy Fish for a Start in a Happy Day..Iconset to my Happy fish WB...I hope you have fun With Happy fish...


1 decade ago
Comment by: Alfa30
1 decade ago
Comment by: LevelX
Got the WB, now finishing (or is it "fishining" Happy ) your great composition with these Icons Grin
1 decade ago
Comment by: TAXIFUNK
Congratulation Very uptodate handy elegant icons in an icl you can open with icon explorer inside icon packager, or icon developer, microangelo, even windows itself, almost any icon handling program.

What I did was double click icl from icon explorer inside icon packager by stardock, then right clicked the first icon, then hit menu EDIT FILE, - select all, then export as .ico and just manually klicked save by hitting enter til all 42 scalable icons with all their subsizes were exported to a folder I made for the set. From there you can customize and save your own iconpackage with iconpackager to be able to switch on the whole set at once any time you want. Then I used the same process exporting to another folder as bmps.

This way you always have them all available fast for single application to use anywhere independent from what your icon package does with them.

Icons like png, powerpoint, flash, quicktime, folder open and closed, recycle bin open closed (named Papierkorb, only very few have german names but you see everything in the image no matter what the name is) are things I like and need everywhere. As bmps of interest amongst many other purposes i. e. for object dock etc.

Unlike other parts of the neat fish set, these only hint indirectly towards the theme via their blue bubble or general color and looks. Whereas the cute animals appear in the sysmetrix clock, the wb skin etc. and the wall.
Thus, this set, which is some work to create and not just minimalistic in my eyes - becomes a quite universal thing of its own. All components of the suite can be hooked up with theme manager (stardock, part of object desktop; or certain other programs) after being applied or installed if desired so as to switch on these :heart looks at once.

Great share :o
1 decade ago
Comment by: kchristine
I love these icons. Very smooth and very creative. Booming love

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