bakemono ichigo

bakemono ichigo

By visitronman
This is a skin i modified off of the hellsing hellhound theme(also a nice theme), I call it bakemono ichigo because its a theme built around ichigo transforming into a vizard. Download and double click on the file and it will put the files in the right place. If you do not wish to have the widows intro video just delete the the play.bat shortcut in the startup file, if you would like to see the video and all you get is an error, then find, download and intall the matroska pack codec. I hope alot of people will like this theme, and i hope to get alot of feedback from it since it is my first theme.


1 decade ago
Comment by: TAXIFUNK
Congratulation on great popularity, Aston users: Send our new artists a pm or comment with your feedback on experiences with this interesting looking skin please. Welcome to SkinBase Happy
1 decade ago
Comment by: the5ilence
wow! Awesome Wallpaper -where did you get it?
The skin is cool, but why did you use such a horrible resize filter ?
The Wallpaper is all messed up through resizing :-/

Otherwise it would be a good theme, but I need to find the original
wallpaper and give it a smooth resize. If you give me the Link, I can send
you the resized version and you can update your theme if you like Happy

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