OSX Tiger (SmartBar)

OSX Tiger (SmartBar)

By toreador
My first attempt for ObjectBar with two different styles, i made it for myself...but as i share my dock, here is a gift for easter...install ObjectBar first...(comments are welcome)


1 decade ago
Comment by: TAXIFUNK
Definately functional, operative and compatible with latest build of objectbar which I installed today. I like the big writing. Of course everyone can adjust everything about with general settings and other things inside the program. I think its good that this program is still developed further and it can be combined with object dock, too. For that, see to it that your settings like SHOW or HIDE windows taskbar are working right inside both programs. Default icon size was 16 but can be changed in general settings. Also, normally you can make your own bar skins and complete bars or alter existing ones like this. Or import from wb skins in the new builds of wb. Its really sharp, all the options.

Next time you might add a separate preview which shows a bit more. But this one could only be updated with a preview by deleting and reuploading completely. Maybe next time around. Thanks for the share.

A good starter for people who are new to the program and want to have a vertical example template. You can set to autohiding and much more.

When installing the application you need for the skin, turn off windowblinds and right-click while installing, then do a restart. All of these tools interact with each other intelligently. And turn off ObjectDock while installing, too. When you switch on ObjectBar for the first time, your windows taskbar might disappear. This should be fixed by rightclicking ObjectBars systray icon from some other taskmanager, i. ex. from a systray inside object Dock. Then go general settings and deactivate hide windows taskbar for the beginning. Unless you WANT to hide it Wink

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