Frühlings Erwachen

Frühlings Erwachen

By Sternengalaxy
Frühlings Erwachen


1 decade ago
Comment by: TAXIFUNK
Fun Fun Wow this made me realize a new version of sysmetrix was released Feb 25. Build 3.41. Spent the whole night enjoying adjusments of my fav. skins to Germany and my special partitions on the pc.

This one is VERY nice for several reasons: Very COLORFUL and nicely decorated but FUNCTIONAL in a space saving way. My preferred format is vertical, too. Second most I love compact things, horizontal I dont always need. This is really a lovely suite of yours, and I am IMPRESSED with your site and private life btw. Looked around a bit. Animated intros for each subpage etc. But thats another topic.

What is very cool and uptodate is that you included not just a beautiful wall, but also THE SYSMETRIX SKIN FILE inside of your WINDOW BLINDS skin, so it can be directly imported from there, as I noticed. Or from this page, of course, if you are not into WB. This enables autoimport in suites which I see working even between right-click and wb lately. Its getting to be REAL fun.

But this is not just tool talk. When I sense what this radiates and learn the explanation of your name and your close relation to galaxies and stars (4 children, a star for each 1) I think your life was not always easy but you are making it beautiful for other people Happy Holidays Thank you
1 decade ago
Comment by: LevelX
BEAUTIFUL !!! Congratulation

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