AKH Leaf

AKH Leaf

By Anil Kumar
my first skin package.
Please download it & see what should I change in AKH leaf package.


1 decade ago
Comment by: TAXIFUNK
Amazed Amazed Fun From what I saw after a download and first comparisons inside of the zip´s icl and the ip after updating Iconpackager with SD central today: IMPRESSIVE work very UPTODATE and appealing (great tip for autumn with a typical average amount of NINE attractive formats feat beautiful leaves and moons in diff. colors - like nature, but with the new transparency I like with nowadays png and 128x128 trends in mind) - YOU DONT SEEM TO NEED CHANGES for me, at all.

Happy New year + thanks f. sharing and working so much, needless to say.You also deserve a comment by someone analyzing with MicroAngelo; I checked with the reg. vers. of IconDeveloper professional.

Quite a refreshing successful development and a challenge remains - what would IPackage users and MA analyzers add theirselves to the IP? A w a r d Moon slices in 256 color formats? Don´t think so. Even included in some of the icons with 12 formats, obviously in the places called for. Personally, such great packs are a thing I use for more than they might be meant for, not just the handy switching of a whole customizable set inside iconpackager, no, I go and abduct some of them for usage inside Object Dock Plus and SmileyPads new MSN compatible free custom smiley inserter that beats some other tools even for webdesign + communication.

Some theoretically might suggest replacing even more of the windows sys icons with your beautiful versions. However - functionally this keeps things safer and still there are very nice features, and 2 thirds of icons really are customized to a different mood. This way it pleases many groups of users. One thing I liked very much was what happened on some
folder icons on the DT I had doctored a bit independent from the icon sets - this set of yours manages to place a subtle mere slice of red over my still visible custom icon- WOW again. Is this because of Icon Packagers new support of substyles? Anyway, it´s GREAT!

Thanks for the fun LOL
1 decade ago
Comment by: Anil Kumar
Thank you TAXIFUNK Happy

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