saucisses funky fresh

saucisses funky fresh

By jako
This is the saucisses funky fresh skin, I mean the funky fresh sausages skin. This skin is my second one if you don't like it you will hate my first one which is a fist with the controls tatooed on the fingers I'm talking about the famous unbearable poing ta2z skin.
There're more skins to come. I'm launching a collection let's call it the funkykalooskinaz style.


1 decade ago
Comment by: TAXIFUNK
Art is often controversial. Welcome to Skinbase and thanks for sharing some original skins, assuming you are the maker or permitted to share. We are a friendly site for several ages, we hope. My only impression is url names like kill might be something not everyone likes. But in the player scene, there will always be some attitude if its real, oh well.
1 decade ago
Comment by: jako
definition for 30kill :

30 in french you say "trente"

so 30kill = "trente kill" and it´s near "tranquille" (in french)

so 30kill means "tranquille" = calm = cool

thats it

thanx 4 ze koments

1 decade ago
Comment by: TAXIFUNK
Oh, mille merci. Then thanks for the correction, danke schön. Je regret, ... Then I feel Cool about the whole new winds in your art, always had some funk in my life and name. A FUNK in american black dictionaries is when your life is in dire straits, a crucial phase, and thats what makes it colorful in music often. :trophy Just like soul music..

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