Tonic v04 - My 4D Life in Sofia

Tonic v04 - My 4D Life in Sofia

By Tonic
This time my AVS Album contains only AVS in 4th dimension !!! Yes 4th dimension because "3D + time = 4D". As we know AVS do real time movements. Originally I start to work over this Album before 4 months but did not find free time to finish it at all. So all presets (expect two "Disco Area That May Suck You Out" and "Zoomed Picture from One Insect"Wink are created before more then 3 months. Some of them have simple changes before final release but originally they are old. I made Intro before 2 months when I first decide to release this Album but did not find time for that. Song of this album is done by friend of mine "Metamorph". It is remix of evergreen Bulgarian song "One Bulgarian Rose". Unfortunately this days original of this song is used from head office of Communist president who won election for president in my country last month. So PLS did not relate song I use with victory of Communist president (I do not like him).

Credits,10x and inspirations from:
Zen-X, El-Vis, NemoOrange, UnConeD, all other members of AVSociety, Metamorph and his sister

PS: This is special small edition (only ZIPped not PIMPped) for both site SKINBASE.ORG and LOS. Because their AVS section are new for me and I decide to submit my 4th Album first on both of them. Also from my little experience with them I found that they are little slow so I decide to submit it without extra features I put in my usual PIMP installation (so now file size is at least 10 times smaller) . If you want to see it with all goodies look at after 10 hours.


2 decades ago
Comment by: Snowman
woh... that´s the longest description I´ve ever seen......
Sorry, can´t give an opinion on the AVS cause I don´t use´em Happy

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