HELIUM XSM-2000 "WinAmp" (jetAmp5)

HELIUM XSM-2000 "WinAmp" (jetAmp5)

By mediaplay
This skin i developed for WinAmp users. Allways, they say, that they don´t found the functions on Jetaudio and something like that.
So, i took the WinAmpdefault and made an typical WinAmp Skin: Complicate, unlogic and with less of functions.
(Just look at the Skipbuttons.... oh... you can´t find them ? The reason is: In Winamp the Skipbuttons have Re/Forward singns... i realy don´t know why... maybe the Winamp developers have to drunk too much Beer or what ever...)
For Jetaudio Users, that Skin will be just for showing WinAmp Users the differences about the Professional Player Jetaudio to the Audiotoy Winamp. Some Jetaudio Functions i applyed to the Skin, but just a few , cause WinAmp Users could be confused about it.
(It´s no joke !!! often, when i talk with winamp fans, they say: What more functions ??? i can´t see them !... and i cant find my functions i need...)

ok... just take it for your next discussion or if you love the strange Winamp way :-) LOL


1 decade ago
Comment by: mediaplay
It seemed, this Skin contains an Bug, sometimes you click the Config Button.
I dicontinued the developement of this skin cause i madi the skin just for Showing WinAmp USers jetaudio. but the developementfiles you can download at the media-play.de Forum.
So, if someone will develope this Skin more and better - just feel free to make it and Upload it - then, i will delete this Skin here :-)
1 decade ago
Comment by: I khan
cool in it
1 decade ago
Comment by: Wilian Souza
Oh my God... a Winamp clone!
1 decade ago
Comment by: SN

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