By Nucleo
Experience the mystery of darkness and eternity... Roam over hidden holes of the extraterrestrial brain, and find the secret. But never forget: it´s alien mind...
(Mikroskin included)


2 decades ago
Comment by: Scarebear
Wow! That´s a busy looking skin. I like the blue/orange a lot.
2 decades ago
Comment by: imtoomuch
Damn, this skin is busy, but it´s so interesting. It´s very original and well though out. I really like the volume slider in the main window and the "rocker" style shuffle button. The EQ sliders are cool too. I like the way the "fire" rises in them. Definitley cool!
2 decades ago
Comment by: teffumi
cool work, love the buttons and vol ctrl
2 decades ago
Comment by: etype2
I applaud your work. just a bit curvy for my taste.
2 decades ago
Comment by: Paedro
honestly brilliant. I stumbled across this skin probably over a year ago now and it´s been on my winamp ever since. There are truly some original ideas at work here, such as the volume control and the shuffle toggle. There´s alot going on here, but you pull it off beautifully. Very busy and eye catching, but smooth and apealing at the same time. I wouldn´t be surprised if I don´t ever find anything quite as apealing to me as this. Thank you and keep ´em coming.
2 decades ago
Comment by: chichigirl46
What can one really criticize here, it´s fabulous looking.

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